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Twilight had just finished perfecting a spell that would give anypony the energy that Pinky Pie has for 8 hours. She needed to practice on somepony, so she decided to get Derpyhooves to come over. As Twilight got ready, Derpyhooves sat on the floor. Derpy nodded and smiled. Twilight took her stance and the top of her horn started to shine. A mystical aura surrounded Derpy as it lifted her into the air. Then it vanished and Derpy sat on the floor once more.

Twilight sighed and looked at her. Derpy didn't say anything for a few seconds, but then it hit her.

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She yelled and ran outside hopping and running from shop to shop. Twilight looked at her and softly laughed. As for Rarity, she was locked away in her room doing her finishing touches on her new outfit she was going to take to the party. She looked at it as her eyes sparkled with excitement. She picked it up and put in the last few threads. The outfit was a nice black color with three apples on the side of it.

A bow tie was placed at the front and a hat that said Macintosh was separately made. Fluttershy was outside talking to her animal friends. She was deciding which one to bring to the party. She sat there and put both of her hooves on her cheeks and thought about it. Wait a minute, I will just take them all" she said delightfully. She smiled and trotted back into her house. Applejack laughed and they both went inside the house to get the cake ready. A few hours passed by and Rainbow and Applejack looked at the cake they had almost finished.

It was a 3 layer cake that was red, blue, and orange on each level. The Applejack family was in the center of it all with Big Macintosh at the very top. And at the bottom was Rainbow Dash and Applejack smiling. The only thing that was left was the icing. For the icing, Applejack had picked out the red color for Macintosh. She gave one tube of it to Rainbow and they both started to carefully place it on the sides of the cake.

They started on the lower portion and worked their way to the top. At the top of the cake, they made the icing say "Happy Birthday Macintosh!

With the cake now finished, Rainbow and Applejack hugged one another and went home to rest. As Rainbow walked out of the farm, she flew up into the sky and landed on one of the clouds. She stretched her legs out and let out a huge yawn. Applejack lied in bed as well.

As both ponies were about to fall asleep, they both thought about each other once more. Twilight's alarm clock rang loudly at 7: Almost instantaneously, she hit the alarm clock and smiled brightly. I can't wait to meet everypony at Big Macintosh's party. Spike, you can come along to. Spike and Twilight got their party hats and headed out. Rarity put on a dress and got Macintosh's outfit as she headed out as well. Fluttershy and her animal friends were headed there as well while Pinky joined them. They had games set up for all of the ponies to play. They had apple bucking competitions, target practice, and many other games.

Only five minutes later, Rarity and the others showed up. Rarity stood in the middle of the crowd to show off her white dress. And Big Macintosh can join us" Applejack said with a huge smile on her face. They walked over to one of the targets they were supposed to hit with the apples. They had a launch pad in front of them. She placed an apple on the pad and pushed down with both of her hooves. The apple flew upwards and landed right next to the target. She placed an apple on her pad and pushed it with both of her hooves as well.

The apple flew and hit the target straight in the middle. Applejack's eyes widened. Applejack laughed and took the team to the social gathering. Everypony was eating cupcakes and talking to one another. They all nodded and went inside to get the 3 layer cake. Rainbow, Applejack, and Twilight helped carry out the cake while Pinky Pie danced around them singing the happy birthday song. They brought the cake out and walked towards Macintosh who looked at it with awe. I really hope you like it. Twilight used her magic to cut up the pieces very carefully as she handed them out to everypony that was there.

Rainbow Dash walked over to Applejack and smiled. We made it perfect. Ah couldn't have done it without your help Rainbow. We should do things together more often. He didn't think she was a clumsy screw-up. You know, suitably cool company. You look like you might fit the bill. Want to join me? Rainbow hit the door of the Sugarcube Corner hard enough to force it open. She landed in front of the counter and slammed her front hooves down onto it.

Pinkie winked. Rainbow downed the cupcake and followed it with a gulp of the drink to offset the burn that was just about to hit her taste buds. She coughed at the taste of the drink, however. It was sickly sweet and burned going down. With the cupcake's flaming spice, it set Rainbow's whole mouth aflame.

She coughed, choked, and spat, trying to clear the fire from her mouth, but to no avail. So engrossed was Rainbow in trying to calm her burning throat that it took her nearly a minute to realize Pinkie Pie was on her back, laughing uproariously. And what cheers ponies up - other than a party, which I obviously didn't have enough time to plan, even thought it would have been awesome - other than a good laugh? Rainbow felt her fragile, lifting mood plummet.

She dropped her head on her hooves, glowering at the wall. Her jaw quivered. Rainbow held out for three seconds - nearly twice as long as she'd manage against the same sort of pleading expression from Fluttershy. I was hanging out by the flight school-". Anyway, Hoops and his stupid bronies were picking a fight, and this stallion stepped in. He actually got into a fight with them - I couldn't have done much better myself. Pretty cute, too. Were you on your date yet? At least mostly. Pulled out my chair.

He even tried to order for me at the restaurant. Pinkie's expression turned serious. What if you're in a mood for something spicy, and he orders you a mild salad? Or if you want a bowl of fruit, and he thinks you want a hay sandwich? And what about drinks? He just met you; he can't possibly know how much sugar you like!

I know that. And now Brolly knows it. And, for that matter, most of the restaurant. Pinkie nodded, head blurring with the movement.

I could invite a ton of cute Pinkie set her face back into a serious mood, eyes narrow in concentration and mouth a hard, flat line. A mare has to find her perfect match without any outside interference. Pinkie opened her mouth, ready to reply, but no sound came out. She closed her mouth and stared at Rainbow, tilting her head, presumably to get a better look at Rainbow or something. Then she carefully reached a hoof up to her mouth and twisted it before reaching out and making a throwing motion. She nodded once, decisively. You're saying I shouldn't go out on dates if I don't like the pony?

But I already went out with Big Macintosh, and he said he wasn't interested! This is complicated. Pinkie's expression went slack as Rainbow spoke. She stepped away from the table and slammed her head into one of the display cases, causing it to rattle alarmingly. Thanks, Pinkie! As Rainbow left, she thought she heard a drawn-out yell. She didn't give it a second thought, as Pinkie had been experimenting with primal scream therapy for most of a year. It was not, however, an auspicious meeting.

It set off a string of - not disasters, because nothing went quite as poorly as the date with Brolly. But they were far from successful. Rainbow was pretty good at getting a stallion to agree to go out with her. But either he'd turn out not to like Rainbow that much, or Rainbow turned out not to like him, or, and this only happened once, but Rainbow was still considering it a definite possibility for future dates, Pinkie would pop out of a centerpiece and scare the stallion off.

Once it became clear Rainbow Dash was not failing at the whole dating thing because of a lack of experience - she had more than enough to say that there was a remote possibility Rainbow may not have been the greatest at romance - Rainbow realized she had only one option left. She picked a time right after lunch, when the fewest possible number of ponies would be at the library. Rainbow landed out back in the shade of the other trees near Twilight's home and crept around to the front, moving as silently as she knew how. She paused near the entrance before poking her head through the door, carefully canvassing the place for any potential interloper-.

He smiled and waved at her. Now everypony would know she'd gone to the bookmare for help. That doesn't look very comfortable. I haven't had a chance to use any of the tricks yet, but Lord Winstallion Girthville-Pipe is supposed to be the expert.

Twilight drew away from Rainbow. And even if there were, I'm not certain how applicable they are to your situation. I know I haven't had the best luck at dating, but that doesn't mean I've got a situation! It must just be My parents just taught me about Twilight's expression relaxed. She pressed her face close to Twilight's, meeting the purple unicorn's panicked gaze.

So I will take any book you've got. Twilight's expression eased. She gave Rainbow a long stare before nodding. Just don't be upset if it doesn't have everything you expect, okay? Rainbow stared at Twilight, and then at the empty space after she practically galloped into one of the back rooms to find whatever book she thought would help. Twilight was weird. And wrong; she'd found that book with the wing spell in it, plus Rainbow had found a couple of adventure novels about pegasus soldiers in Spike's bed, once, so there were totally books about flying in the library.

Maybe Twilight was embarrassed about it, like unicorns weren't supposed to think about flying.

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  • Here you go, Rainbow. Rainbow stared at the book Twilight was holding out to her. An Analysis of Alternative Sexualities in Equestria: History and Discussion of Modern Attitudes and Lifestyle. She crossed her eyes at the words, but they didn't make much more sense the second time around. Twilight glanced away, cheeks darkening. I know about Twilight's trying to say Rainbow felt her jaw drop open of her own accord. She thought her brain might have actually turned off for a second. Let's tease her best friend and call her names and make her move to the next town over just to get a moment's peace!

    Spike was hiding behind Twilight's forelegs, eyes wide in palpable fear of Rainbow. Twilight's expression was Her eyes looked wet, and her chin quivering. She suddenly took a step forward, posture set in a new resolve. Twilight nodded, but her expression hadn't changed, and Rainbow suspected she was being humored. But Rainbow: I want you to be happy, and if you are Rainbow had planned to make a smart remark, but she was tearing up by the end of Twilight's speech. And then Spike had to hug her leg. Who is it? Can you imagine what she'd want me to do? Grooming and spa treatments?

    His eyes widened abruptly, and he clapped his hands over his mouth. Rainbow snickered. I'm not going to tell anypony about you and Rarity. As long as you don't tell anypony about this discussion. Twilight must have sensed the edge in Rainbow's voice, because she took that moment to speak up. Anyway, it wouldn't matter if you're not She stepped closer to Rainbow, tilting her head inquisitively.

    But if you can't tell me right now, you need to figure it out. Twilight backed away, or tried to; what with Rainbow circling her, she just ended up moving in a circle. The look she gave Rainbow was a pale, wary wide-eyed expression. Rainbow stopped moving once she realized she was upsetting Twilight. I just Rainbow paused at the door to the library and looked back at Twilight, who looked so bucking earnest Rainbow couldn't muster the energy to give her anything but a sincere reply.

    She bolted before either could reply; Rainbow wasn't going to sit around for more talking about feelings. At least Rainbow pounded her head against the door again. Nopony had answered the first knock, but, driven by Twilight's plea that Rainbow figure this out, she'd knocked again. The house, set near the edge of town, was a small, neat little one-story home surrounded by wild weeds.

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    • A neat bow was tied around the mailbox, giving the home, painted a cheerful yellow, an incongruous sort of beauty among the mess engulfing it. Not that it was ugly.

      It was Something that would make anypony think twice before approaching. An earth pony with a pale cream coat and elegantly curved dark blue mane poked her head out of the house. The pony stared at Rainbow Dash for a few moments, frowning thoughtfully. Rainbow Dash, right? This didn't seem like a good idea anymore. Of course, that had never stopped Rainbow before.

      And it was for that reason that she squared her shoulders and raised her head high. And you're Bon Bon, right? Rainbow nodded, finding herself tongue-tied. The silence dragged for a few moments, at which point Bon Bon began to shift her hooves. Rainbow took a deep breath. A friend of mine suggested I And I wanted to talk to somepony, and none of my friends would really understand That is, if you'd like to.

      Rainbow paused at the threshold. The inside of Bon Bon's house was more like the exterior yardwork or lack thereof than the building itself. Here and there, Rainbow could see attempts to improve the place's decor - a nice lamp, a picture hanging on the wall - but overall, the place was overwhelmed with clutter.

      Rainbow took a step forward and nearly stumbled over a pile of papers. Bon Bon gave Rainbow a weak smile. Lyra gets after me to clean up more often, but she's a lot better at that than I am. Rainbow nodded absent-mindedly, eyes drifting around the mess - papers, bags, plates and scraps of clothing scattered everywhere. Her gaze fixed on a photo, and she almost immediately glanced away.

      It was a picture of Bon Bon and another pony - a mint-colored unicorn with a light blue mane - sitting under a huge oak tree. The two were entangled with one another, only Bon Bon's flank visible enough to see her Cutie Mark. They were both grinning, and the unicorn's horn was glowing, suggesting she was the one holding the camera. It felt too intimate to be hanging on a wall, where anypony could see.

      Well, anypony that came to visit, and if the mess was any indication, Bon Bon didn't get many visitors. Bon Bon laughed. I know. Rainbow snorted. Thanks for the sentiment, though. I personally like it. Lyra smiled at Rainbow. It's a nice picture. I wanted to talk to you about something Rainbow started when a hoof patted her back. She sat straight up, staring at Bon Bon, who stared at her with a wide-eyed, sort of nervous smile. Rainbow sighed. There was no reason she should be so nervous. Probably a lot of questions, but it's just one. Nevertheless, the words caught up to her.

      I am not a-" The word died in her throat, half because it would have been beyond stupid to throw that word around in Bon Bon's own home, and half because It was the whole point of this visit, anyway. And just the same Equestria to Bon Bon. Rainbow gave an explosive sigh. It's not a huge mystery. You just gotta close your eyes and think about it. Do stallions Or is it an attractive mare, slim athletic flanks and delicate shape If I had a mare who liked me that much, it'd be awesome to know she thought about me that much.

      You know, not that I'd blame her. Bon Bon gave Rainbow a considering stare as her blush faded. Rainbow swallowed. Get lunch or something? Not like a date! Just, you know, being friends, not, ah I'm head over heels for the unicorn in that picture over there, and I wouldn't leave her for anything. Oh, yes, certainly," Bon Bon said. Just for you. Rainbow took to the air almost immediately after leaving Bon Bon and Lyra's home; she settled on a low-flying cumulo-nimbus and sat back to think, staring at the higher cloud formations as she did so. Rainbow scrunched up her face, trying to think of a handsome stallion.

      Nopony she'd tried to date, of course - all of those ships had sailed. But there'd been a few nice-looking stallions in the Best Young Fliers' Competition. Rainbow tried to imagine kissing one, or getting It was a nice thought, Rainbow supposed, but she didn't see how it was supposed to do anything.

      So she switched to thinking about a pretty mare. Not, she affirmed, one like Rarity. But somepony athletic, energetic, a little bit competitive, who might be willing to argue a little, or tussle before Rainbow pinned her and pressed her lips-. Rainbow landed at the edge of the clearing in which Fluttershy had built her home. A host of animals looked up from where they'd been grazing or sprawling, and just stared at her. Rainbow spread her wings, trying to look intimidating, but then a rabbit she hadn't noticed before hopped to the end of a branch he'd been standing on and slapped her flank.

      Her blue eyes were a hardened, icy shade, but when she saw Rainbow, she took a step back, eyes snapping open into wide, frightened orbs. What are you-? Angel Bunny, were you pestering Rainbow Dash? You were trying to get her in trouble! Well, you can just sit over by your hutch until dinner. I'm so sorry, Rainbow. Angel Bunny has just been in high spirits lately. He stuck his tongue out at her. A cough drew Rainbow's attention away from the unrepentant rabbit and up to Fluttershy, who was watching Rainbow carefully.

      The yellow pegasus looked slightly more nervous than usual; she kept shifting away from Rainbow every time Rainbow looked her way. Fluttershy yelped and shook her head. I'm just Not that I'm not delighted to see you. But you usually don't come to visit. I know it's my fault, having such a down-low house, but Rainbow winced, but shook off the moment of guilt. Now was probably not the time. Something important. I'm sorry for going on. Rainbow, mouth open, ready to talk, snapped it closed when Fluttershy turned towards her, the very picture of demure attentiveness.

      Rainbow watched her friend try her best to put distance between Rainbow and herself and felt her heart sink and twist into a pained knot. It was possible Twilight and Spike's unsolicited show of support had been more surprising, but this pain would stick with her forever. The thought of Fluttershy not liking her anymore because Fluttershy's head snapped up; she stared at Rainbow with wild eyes, herself frozen in place, but when Rainbow started towards the door, Fluttershy exploded into motion, throwing herself between her friend and the exit.

      Her wings were ruffled, making her look twice her normal size, and when Rainbow met Fluttershy's eyes, they had the hardened, dazing look of the Stare. Fluttershy yelped and folded in on herself, freeing Rainbow from the compulsion of the Stare, but also compelling Rainbow to stay just to make sure Fluttershy wasn't upset. You're a wonderful pony, and I think you're lovely, and I do love you with all my heart, but Rainbow stared at the cowering pegasus for a few shocked moments before she asked, slowly, "Date? Not that you aren't cute, Fluttershy, but what made you think I was asking you out?

      Fluttershy raised her head and stared speculatively at Rainbow. I thought you were telling me you didn't want to live in Cloudsdale anymore. Fluttershy smiled gently. But I tried to tell you that I I didn't mean to laugh at you. I guess it is a little funny," Rainbow replied. She leaned in to nuzzle Rainbow's neck. It made her a little ashamed to realize she'd doubted Fluttershy, who aside from being a lot more like Rainbow than she'd ever thought, was the gentlest soul Rainbow knew.

      Fluttershy smiled brightly at Rainbow. You're my friend, Rainbow Dash, and I love you The pink earth pony grinned widely at both of them from her seat on top of the table. There was nothing that Pinkie could have been hiding behind, unless you counted the small vase of flowers next to her. Rainbow opened her mouth and then let it shut closed.

      There wasn't much point in arguing, anyway. And nothing'll ever change that, not ever! I bet you'd believe nopony cares whether you like stallions or mares if we had a giant party for you! A coming-out party! Only not the old-fashioned kind, where everypony's in tux and tails. I wonder why they're both called coming-out parties? I don't want you - either of you - to tell anypony. If anypony figures out, it's because I told them, all right?

      Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie exchanged a look, and Pinkie produced a pair of frosted cupcakes. Cross our hearts and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye. Why, just last month Mrs. Cake asked me when you were going to find a nice mare to settle down with, and I told her, 'Dashie'll settle down when she's good and ready, just like me, except I'm going to settle down with a stallion if I ever settle down. Or two, maybe. I always thought things would be more fun that way-".

      Pinkie grinned unabashedly at Rainbow. Rainbow could see Fluttershy's cheeks were stained scarlet, and she was certain she looked just as embarrassed. A part of her wanted to ask Pinkie for more information, but the rest of her just didn't want to know. So Rainbow compromised.

      Fluttershy shrank back, but Pinkie just bounced to Rainbow's side, slinging a leg over her shoulder. I admit, you threw us all for a loop when you started going on dates with stallions, but I say, let bygones be bygones-". She began pacing in a distracted circle. And if I did hear it, I'd give 'em such a talking to they wouldn't know what happened to them. They'd be like, 'oh, I feel so contrite for making fun of Rainbow Dash's love of sweet filly rump-'" Rainbow heard a choked sound from Fluttershy.

      When Rainbow looked in her direction, Fluttershy kicked nervously at the dust. Pinkie Pie sidled up to Rainbow and leaned close, grinning. More worried by the prospect of Pinkie singing than the embarrassment of discussing emotions, Rainbow spoke hurriedly. And I know all your friends do, too. I can't think of a single pony who doesn't think you're the sweetest thing alive.

      I can think of a list of ponies the length of your wingspan that'd be ready to pound some sense into anypony'd who'd say a mean word to you about that, and I'd be the first on that list. There's no reason anypony'd think any different of you when they all still like her. Pinkie Pie dropped onto all fours again, face scrunched into a mildly concerned expression.

      But I'm beginning to think I'm never going to get to throw a party. Fluttershy gave Rainbow a helpless look, so Rainbow shrugged and, pulling Pinkie Pie after her, waved good-bye to Fluttershy. I mean, you're Pinkie Pie. Since when do you need a reason to throw a party? Pinkie Pie nodded seriously. Pinkie gave her a curious, piercing look. Rainbow took an uncertain step back, but then Pinkie shrugged and gave her a blinding grin. I know you've got a lot to think about.

      But you gotta promise to let me throw you a party sometime. Then she took to the air, alighting on a cloud not far from Fluttershy's. The day was darkening, sun sinking towards the clear horizon, and Rainbow, rolling onto her back, took a moment to watch it without thinking, something she'd been doing too much of, in her opinion. The attempt lasted only a few minutes before Rainbow's thoughts drifted.

      Rainbow hadn't seen that coming. It gave her a little burst of confidence regarding her own recent revelation. If Fluttershy, frightened of her own shadow, could deal with the uncertainty of being That is If Pinkie was right, everypony already thought they knew all about her. But still, there was an uncomfortable knot in Rainbow's stomach. Now that Pinkie and Fluttershy But Rainbow was acutely aware that not all of her friends had declared acceptance for Rainbow's revelation; Applejack, in particular, was set in her ways, and if she thought it was gross, or wrong Rainbow rolled right-side up, grinning.

      It had worked last time, hadn't it? In fact, she had the absolute best idea! It was going to take planning, hard work, and totally awesome stealth. Early the next afternoon, Rainbow knocked at the door to Applejack's home. After a moment, it swung open to reveal Big Macintosh. He took a long look at Rainbow, loaded down with the packages it had taken her all morning to collect, before drawling, "Applejack's out. Big Macintosh narrowed his eyes at Rainbow, mouth twisting into a distinct scowl.

      No, I got that message loud and clear," Rainbow protested. You see, I'm planning a surprise for Applejack, to thank her for being such a great friend, and I wanted to borrow your kitchen. And maybe ask you to stay out of our manes tonight, and maybe find somewhere to keep Applebloom busy? Big Macintosh stared at Rainbow for several tense moments. She tried not to squirm under the attention, but the Apple clan had talent for a unique, penetrating gaze.

      She'd heard from Twilight how a wide-eyed pleading look from Applebloom could have melted Nightmare Moon's heart. Big Macintosh's stare made her want to blurt out the whole story, from beginning to end, even though she knew she wasn't guilty of anything. I'll be back at dawn," Big Macintosh said. It's just dinner! Rainbow stared after Big Macintosh for a few minutes, until she was sure he was gone, and then grabbed her bags and trotted into the kitchen. She set the cookbook on one of the tables and stared at it. She took a deep breath. This was for her friend; she could do this.

      Big Mac X Rainbow Dash by ArtistCoolPony on DeviantArt

      Two hours passed relatively uneventfully; Rainbow found that there were few mistakes you could make while cooking that couldn't be worked around with the right spices, or taking a knife to offending portions of a meal. All that was left was the pudding, which Pinkie Pie had assured Rainbow was foalproof. She poured the sugar, butter, and water together before realizing she didn't have corn starch, and she had no idea where to start looking. Luckily, Rainbow found a few cobs of corn she mashed up and added to the sugar mix. It looked sort of like butterscotch already, although the mixture didn't thicken on the stove so much as brown.

      Still, she thought as she tipped the mixture into her pan with the apples and flour, it smelled sweet, and that was all it needed. Rainbow began carrying plates to the table as the dessert cooked, only to freeze when the door opened, admitting Applejack. The orange earth pony paused in the door, staring at Rainbow, who had submitted to an apron once a pot of tomato sauce had nearly exploded over her coat.

      She tensed, eyes narrowed as she glanced suspiciously around the kitchen. Applejack's eyes widened, scanning the room for a startled second before settling back on Rainbow. She bit her lip and stared at Rainbow Dash, again giving the pegasus the uneasy feeling of having somepony staring through her.

      I know you're probably sick of hearing about this whole thing, but you helping me with this whole dating thing was pretty awesome of you. I know you didn't have to, so I thought I'd surprise you with a little dinner. Come on, I got everything almost ready! Applejack approached the table cautiously while Rainbow gathered the rest of the plates. She set them down on the table one by one, giving them a proud examination before looking to Applejack. The earth pony had a stiff smile on her face; when she caught Rainbow looking at her, she gave the pegasus a warmer smile.

      Applejack chuckled. Why, a mare could get used to treatment like that. She bent down and took a bite of the salad. Slowly, Applejack chewed, eyes fixed on the salad. Applejack took another bite. Applejack made a thoughtful sound. Which, to be honest, was more than I was expecting. Rainbow let her jaw snap shut. She smiled weakly at Applejack. I guess you've got a point. Rainbow looked up from her plate, a slight warmth coiling in her stomach. She couldn't have asked for a better opportunity to tell Applejack; Applejack liked her food, appreciated the gesture of Rainbow cooking for her, and had practically asked Rainbow to tell her what Rainbow was thinking about.

      And with one thing and another, I She paused, not certain her usual bluster would work here. She couldn't even think of what she could say, beyond that simple statement. She wasn't here to look for advice, so the whole vanilla-frosting story wouldn't be a good idea. Besides, Applejack knew most of it already. Applejack hadn't replied, the interior of the house almost dead silent. Rainbow looked at Applejack, who had dropped her eyes to the table, hat shielding her green eyes, and in fact, whole expression, from Rainbow.

      Rainbow could see Applejack was shaking, just a bit. Her cheeks were a dark orange, nearly red all the way through, and her eyes were narrow, barely-visible green chips fixed on Rainbow. And Rainbow thought she could see tear tracks on her friend's face. All right? Rainbow stared at her friend, hoping that the other mare would take it back, or say it was a joke, but Applejack's stern glare remained firm. Rainbow fled the farm as fast as she could, taking refuge in a cloud near the edge of Ponyville, high enough that Fluttershy would be hesitant to visit her, and just far enough from the town that nopony should even look for her.

      Rainbow collapsed into the cloud and glared at the sky, unwilling to let go of the heat of anger in her breast. She didn't know who she was angry with - Applejack, herself, Twilight - but she was certain if she let her anger slip for even a moment she'd start crying. And Rainbow wasn't going to cry just because Applejack was an ass. She had at least four other friends who didn't care that Rainbow preferred mares - five, if she counted Bon Bon among her friends.

      It wasn't as if she could expect all of her friends to feel the same way. Rainbow growled at that thought and rolled onto her back. Of course it was different. Sure, it was sweet that, say, Twilight and Spike had come right out and said they supported Rainbow no matter what.

      But it had been talking to Fluttershy, Pinkie Applejack, that had twisted Rainbow's stomach in knots. Her oldest friend, her best friend, and the closest thing Rainbow had to an equal around here. It was a shock to find that, for all that Rainbow had come to expect from Applejack, it was she who'd turned on Rainbow first. Rainbow scrambled to her feet, heart pounding as her eyes darted around, looking for the intrusion into her embarrassment.

      She sighed when she saw a grey pegasus fluttering just next to the cloud. Ditzy Doo was the least likely pony to go off and rat that Rainbow Dash had been trying not to cry into a cloud. At least, the least likely to do so intelligibly. Ditzy tilted her head, yellow eyes fixed on Rainbow in a show of focus unusual for her. The grey pegasus shook her head. She's not sad. Ditzy's mouth flickered upward, and she seemed to relax, allowing her eyes to drift as they were wont to.

      Which is silly. Rainbow almost told Ditzy to leave, but the cheerful dismissiveness of the other pegasus' words gave her pause. Ditzy tilted her head, considering Rainbow It was hard to tell with Ditzy. She smiled at Rainbow. But Dinky keeps me from being sad. It was usually a good idea to ignore Ditzy, but Rainbow normally didn't, because if it wasn't worth a laugh, there was a chance she'd come out with something worth listening to.

      What could she possibly fear from Ditzy? Are you sure? She dropped back onto the cloud with a gusty groan. Rainbow shot Ditzy a contemptuous glare which seemed to go right over the other pegasus' head. I don't let anypony tell me what to do! Don't be ashamed about it. Ditzy nodded and then took a deep breath.

      Ditzy frowned thoughtfully. She looked up, although one of her eyes drifted down to fix on Rainbow as Ditzy thought. At last, the grey pegasus shook her head. Nopony should hate you for being happy. Rainbow, emotionally exhausted and feeling grateful for Ditzy's advice, didn't pull away. Applejack likes Rainbow Dash. Like Coach always said: Rainbow watched the retreating contrail, a bemused smile drifting onto her face. Maybe Ditzy was right; she seemed to be so more often than not, at least when it didn't come to directions. Rainbow had to admit, it was an attractive suggestion to just give Applejack time to adjust.

      And if Rainbow found just the right mare, maybe Applejack would come around. She dropped her hooves and glowered at the wood. She butted her head against the door, which at last caused it to swing open. Rainbow stared at the owl, who must have been perched on the doorknob on the far side of the door, as he peered around at her. Rainbow took a deep breath and then shoved her way past Twilight. Rainbow looked at the wall as she answered; she couldn't bear to see anything approaching smugness on Twilight's face.

      About me. Twilight shied back, shaking her head emphatically. I don't think that's a good idea, Rainbow. Twilight opened her mouth, and then let it close without speaking. She glanced at Rainbow, and then at the floor. I just think You could be keeping your friend from true love! She tapped into the filly she had once been, and opened her eyes wide, letting them tear a little. Rainbow shivered at the mare began to pace around her, piercing eyes fixed so intently on her, she was certain the other mare could see into her soul.

      Rainbow tried to smile at Princess Celestia, but the expression lost some of its bluster in the face of the sun goddess, who had a glare that could burn toast. So I will warn you, pre-emptively. If you hurt my little sister, you'll spend TWO thousand years on the moon! And then Celestia burst out laughing. Two thousand years on the moon?

      Celestia's face lost its vicious edge, returning to the placid expression she normally bore around her subjects. Of course; let's not keep my sister waiting. Ten minutes later, Rainbow and Princess Luna were settled at their table at the Horned Dorset, possibly the fanciest restaurant Rainbow Dash had ever set foot in. Rainbow gave the princess a weak smile. Oh, sure! I'm the best! Luna nodded. I always theorized that because the speed of sound, light, and magic are so similar, surpassing those barriers would lead to an astromagical event with truly phenomenal properties.

      If properly harnessed-". Look, it's our waiter! If your efforts are in good faith, you will be well rewarded with our grace! Rainbow sighed, dropping her face to her hoof. Attention was all well and good, but Not in that way," Luna replied. My sister's flight is the speed of the hunter - although, to be honest, I don't think she's ever broken the light barrier. Luna sighed. So in my free time, I watch over my friends. She could have smacked herself when the words escaped her lips.

      But I spent that time caring for the stars - the one thing over which I had any control on the moon. I say control, but of course, how much control can one really have over the night?

      My Little Pony Fluttershy and Big Mac Kissing

      Leo and Taurus are docile enough, but just try getting Scorpio to go to sleep at dawn. Luna reminded her of Fluttershy, for all her godlike power and sister-complex. And thinking like that - well, Rainbow couldn't see this going anywhere. She loved Fluttershy, but they didn't have a lot in common. Rainbow suspected she had a lot less in common with Princess Luna. And as for somepony she did have something in common with Rainbow started once she realized she'd been staring into space for longer than was remotely polite. Luna's expression was soft, and there was a light smile on her face.