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I normally toss it in my bag and despite literally supergluing the knobs and faders on, they still manage to pop off and they don't sell replacements even after calling Korg directly. Makes it less slim in the music bag but keeps your knobs and faders on: By Brady. By Roland. When playing it into my DAW, it would randomly miss notes or controller changes and would have this annoying latency.

After reading reviews, I thought I'd spend the extra and get this one. I'm spoiled with a Yamaha C3 grand piano in the next room. No perceptible latency and no missed notes or controller changes while playing into Cubase. I wish I had bought this years ago. By Chad. All in all, you get what you pay for, Five stars for Roland! The reviews on those items were a bit sketchy, so I went with a name brand I'm familiar with.

These cables didn't disappoint. I installed the drivers from the included CD and my old Korg worked! Problem Solver! I've been having a big issue with "stuck notes", missing notes, and even junk notes notes I didn't even play. The computer is not overloaded in any way, and I didn't have another controller handy to try. I suspected possibly that pushing audio through the Focusrite at the same time trying to use MIDI might cause some data issues. Problem solved. By Amazon Customer. You might also like.

Previous page. Best Rated in DJ Mixers. Best mixer for dj. Best Products. Best amp for headphones. Best amplifier for karaoke. The 6 Best Audio Mixers to Buy in Best Audio Mixers. Next page. Works Perfect in Linux This device works perfectly in Linux Gentoo using the available kernel drivers. I found out, due to my lack of knowledge, that this device will not direct MIDI music to your computer speakers. This device only sends and receved MIDI command messages.

I am using this device to operate my electronic MIDI keyboard, using the keyboard's speakers, and the sound is astonishing. I can also reverse the action and record what I play on the keyboard to the software on my computer. By rrrssssss. Roboto to my iMac, and it works perfectly! The instructions that come with it are surprisingly perfect, too. The best, simplest, most accurate "technical writing" I've seen in a long time.

I'm very unfamiliar with midi, but I was up and running in just a few minutes. Downloaded latest driver from RolandUS. System Profile shows it there, but as not configured. Tried many things without success. By John Kenderdine. By M-Audio. Easy MIDI, no headaches. Hey, it's great when something can just plug in and work instantly.

M Audio doesn't need to change anything about this classic It is recommended at least for PC, that you install the correct drivers.

The Best Midi Interface – Ultimate Buying Guide

It does NOT come with fancy routing software, nor can it run standalone without a computer. No power supply options either, just USB. It does exactly what it is supposed to do. LED's on the front are very responsive. I use this with Cubase and everything was so easy to set up. It makes finding them in a busy setup DAW setup easier. I just returned another midi interface another brand and setup was a nightmare. By DT. Solved my problems.

There are only 2 USB ports on my laptop. Very Solid Well built, seems very robust. It does what it's supposed to do and hopefully it will do it for years And it looks good. By legreg6. By Tascam. This impression was wrong: The "x08" in the product name apparently refers to the 8 analog outputs from the unit, which I really have no use for.

For me, this is an A to D recording device and while I will likely use it for monitoring pre-recorded tracks through the headphone output, the other outputs will likely go unused.

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By Robert Swindell. Great headphone amplifier and overall audio quality, but horrendous WIndows drivers I had to return my unit to Adorama love those guys, BTW , because on Windows 7 and 10, my USx08 would glitch out at all sample rates even if the CPU usage was low. I tried everything to make it usable, but was unsuccessful. This was having the computers on High Performance mode. I have never experienced those audio glitches with any other interfaces in my almost 17 years of computer music making. I couldn't use it in church to record services or even at home to make music, because it wasn't reliable to record or playback.

I never tried it on my Mac, though. Do I miss my USx08?

MIDI Computer Interfaces | B&H Photo Video

By CIMC7. Had random audio noise, crackling and audio spikes that made it unusable. This new one does everything that the old one did, but expands the options a bit more. Separate knobs for headphone mix and monitor mix is nice if you switch back and forth a lot. I haven't had any issues with this at all.

That was an embarrassing day or two. Just be wary of this if you get it. If it happens, you have no one to blame but yourself.

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  • The mic inputs seem to need a lot of volume to pick stuff up, but that was normal with the last model as well. By JN By Bakerii. Fast shipping. Just as expected. By Lori Hancey. It's a very good connection. High quality audio 6 It's a very good connection. High quality audio 6. I like it! By charles. Five Stars Great for beginner and can't beat the price! By Melissa M. By Asmuse. I used it for about a week thus far. By Startitan.

    That is Great. By Kelly Owens. Indicator Light are awesome.

    The midi cable is awesome. Plug and play, Zero Latency and the appearance is beautiful! By Uhunoma Adun. By Konitee.

    How to choose the best audio Interface for home studio recording

    It turns out the cables are labeled counter intuitively. The midi out on your keyboard plugs into the midi in labeled cable. Once I figured this out I was ready to rock. I was able to revive an old Yamaha ypt keyboard to use with Logic Pro X, no drivers nessesary. If you have an old midi keyboard laying around I would recommend this product to reuse it and save yourself from buying a new one.

    By Bennett. Simple to use: There is a diagram and a couple of descriptive lines on the back of the box to show how to plug it in. That should be all you need to know. The unit takes care of the connection from there. By A Linux User. Waste of money! By Bassjunke. Windows 7 knew what to do with it and installed the drivers for it automatically. It works beautifully and without flaw. The installation disk has drivers for earlier versions of Windows and my guess is that all you'd need to do is install the drivers and you should be all set.

    Great little device! By Peter J. However after reading customer reviews I saw several people complaining the item didn't work with a particular type of Yamaha keyboard. I didn't know exactly what type of keyboards my dad has as he has several, but I was reluctant to buy a product that might not work. By Marissa. Old hat This is an old product discontinued by the company. My computer would not accept the driver that came with it and I had to go through an arcane process of looking through their "legacy" product support to find drivers that would work.

    If that doesn't bother you, go ahead and order. But there are cheaper and more up-to-date solutions. By Corporal Clegg. Great device, not all MIDI devices can power it though Big change to my review here, I previously thought it was damaging my devices. I emailed their support and they were quite patient with me and explained what was actually going on.

    What happens is some MIDI devices provide marginally low voltage so they can only intermittently power the device. After their explanation, I found with both my devices can power it if I am a bit patient. I have to play a while and it will eventually come on, and once it is on it stays on just fine and works perfectly. It's only after I power down, it takes a bit of patience to get it to power back on.

    I know many people on a drum forum I hang out on who have used this device with many other MIDI devices without any trouble at all. Extremely useful and works great Extremely useful and works great. I have two keyboards and two synth modules connected to this device; by changing which midi channels the keyboards are set to I can have two keyboards controlling a single module like a two manual organ or each keyboard controlling its own module.

    This is exactly what I was looking for. By SBurt. By Teresa. By Tetra-Teknica. Using for small recording studio Works great, exactly as pictured. By Joshua Tanner. Works great! Exactly as advertised. By Thomas D. By Lemy Boy. By AmpTone Lab. Battery- and AC-powered splitter You can power the Amptone splitter with a battery, or a standard stompbox-style AC wall wart 9v, center-negative. Good box. A little pricier than you might like, but splitters always are.

    It's quite functional with old MIDI equipment, not to mention easy to set up. In addition to that, it is lightweight yet feels very sturdy in regards to its construction. One reviewer mentioned that its LED is excellent for MIDI testing, for finding out if it's configured and operating properly, and checking the status of the signal.

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    A few reviewers mentioned it consumed a lot of power from their devices and preferred it to have an external power source. If you are looking for an effective and responsive MIDI interface, this is a highly recommended choice. It has a metal casing that's both portable and convenient for desktop operation. It also has removable rack attachments and a custom center-joint fastener that allows you to mount two of these interfaces side by side in a standard inch equipment rack. Many people praise it for its simple design, how well-built it is and its low latency. For an interface that has multiple ports, it's simple and straightforward when it comes to configuration.

    A few musicians have tried connecting multiple keyboards and synth modules and gave positive feedback on how easy it is to integrate it with their computers. A few reviewers mentioned they never had any sync issues when synced with other devices. Some users notice their DAWs don't recognize this interface right away. Some of them had to unplug and re-install drivers of this interface in order for it to work. A few have mentioned this doesn't have any routing options either. This interface is not class compliant which means that you are dependant on drivers from the manufacturer for it to function.

    If there are new Windows or Mac updates in the future then you may need to install new drivers. This is an affordable choice for your professional or home studio that's expandable and has extra features. Simply put, it's a device that allows you to connect MIDI devices, such as hardware synths and keyboards that use 5-pin MIDI jacks, to your computer or tablet.

    Multiple MIDI sockets are also useful if you want to leave multiple devices plugged in even if you only use one at a time - saves the hassle of unplugging and plugging in different devices constantly. Important information for iPad users: This does not apply if your MIDI interface has its own power adapter. Class compliant devices are plug-and-play devices that don't need extra drivers to work although manufacturers often supply them anyway.

    Although theoretically any class compliant device should work with any operating system that supports them you may have trouble with older operating systems so if you don't have the latest version of your OS then check the compatibility information carefully before purchasing or upgrade to the latest OS if you can. MIDI devices come in 3 ports: In, Out and Thru. Having multiple synth modules, keyboards or effects processors means you need a dedicated interface with more MIDI channels to connect to, which helps reduce latency.

    Each MIDI port contains 16 channels. We looked at all the popular and highly rated MIDI interfaces available from major American music gear retailers and short-listed the 24 most promising for detailed analysis. We then selected the highest rated interfaces to recommend above. For more information about this process see How Gearank Works.

    Thanks a lot for your great work. Thank you very much for your appreciation of the work we do - remember to check with us first next time! As a result of a minor update today we have removed the following from our recommended list above: Skip to main content. USB Length: Cons Some people find its 'iConfig' software editing interface to be confusing and complicated to use.

    Overall This is a basic interface which lets you connect a MIDI device easily without the hassle of installing additional drivers. Amazon Product Listing. Sweetwater Product Listing. USB Length 5. Cons A few users mentioned that it had a cheap build that can easily break and others received defective cables at purchase. Pros Many users found this interface convenient since it's easy to set up and has a straightforward manual. Cons There were some users who had driver setup problems particularly with older versions of Windows and Mac operating systems.

    Yamaha MD-BT Power Supply: Cons A small number of users have criticized it for not being immediately recognized by iOS devices when pairing but it does work most of the time. Overall This interface is a great choice if you want an easy to set up wireless system that works at up to 30 feet distance. Class Compliant Power Supply: USB powered Size: Overall This is beginner friendly interface for those who are looking for something affordable and easy to set up.

    USB bus powered Size: Cons One reviewer mentioned the cable was too short for their preference, which eventually was compensated by extending the connection by adding more MIDI cables. Overall This is an exceptionally portable and simple interface to use with iOs devices and for live gigs.

    Cons There were a few users who reported that setting up with an iPad is trickier, and eventually found solutions by adjusting MIDI settings on their computer. Cons A few reviewers mentioned it consumed a lot of power from their devices and preferred it to have an external power source. Overall If you are looking for an effective and responsive MIDI interface, this is a highly recommended choice.

    USB Size: Cons Some users notice their DAWs don't recognize this interface right away. Overall This is an affordable choice for your professional or home studio that's expandable and has extra features. Related Items: The Best Keyboard Workstations. Your name. More information about text formats. Allowed HTML tags: